Service and repair of Commercial air conditioning systems.

ACG is not only committed to building excellent air conditioning systems for our customers. We are also committed to maintaining the systems so they function well for years to come.

Even the most carefully designed air conditioning systems require maintenance to ensure they continue to work optimally. Regular servicing cuts down on power usage and can lead to significant running cost reductions. In larger buildings the savings can cover a significant proportion of the servicing cost.

ACG provides high-quality air conditioning servicing for systems that we build, as well as commercial systems you may already have in place. From simple advice about how to adjust your usage habits, right through the implementation of cost effective building control solutions that provide live feeds to monitor consumption, we can help you maximise energy savings, and ensure your air conditioning system keeps working well for years to come.


 Reduce running costs

Extend the life of your commercial air conditioning system with regular servicing to help reduce running costs.

 Flexible maintenance contracts

Don't get stuck with a long-term servicing contract. We offer highly flexible maintenance contracts to suit your needs. 


Ensure your system is compliant

Ensure your air conditioning system is fully compliant with regular maintenance servicing standards. 


Service Melbourne-wide

ACG provides air conditioning servicing and repair to commercial buildings and businesses across greater Melbourne.


Commercial air conditioning servicing features

  • Specialist engineers to monitor and maintain your system for the ultimate in reliability

  • After the first hour, the charge is by increments of 15 minutes*

* Parts are not included