Innovative Commercial air conditioning solutions.

In over 30 years there isn’t a commercial air conditioning project that we haven’t seen or built. 

The quality of our work can be measured in two ways; through the calibre of our design, and our reputation for delivering on what we promise. On commercial air conditioning jobs like apartment towers, schools and office builds our innovative designs consider all the factors; airflow, humidity and filtration levels so all these elements work in harmony from day one.

It requires a complex set of skills and expertise to design and install air conditioning units for commercial projects. Our experienced team starts with knowing the building standards standards back to front. We then coordinate ourselves seamlessly with your other contractors so not only does our part of the job goes smoothly, but so does the whole project.


Complex design specialists

Whether we are building a 20-floor apartment or a new food processing plant, the standards we need to meet are naturally high and the systems complex. Our design balances all conditions to create the perfect environment.

No blockages

We understand that our job is to make sure your job goes smoothly. Our commercial air conditioning team works seamlessly with other trades so that the whole project delivers on time and on budget.


Technical excellence 

Our commercial air conditioning skills and experience allows us to offer better value for you and your end client through considered design that helps reduces capital costs and the installation footprint.

Ultimate reliability

We design commercial air conditioning systems that are lower in running costs and easier to service well after the job has finished. Plus, each customer gets a specialist engineer to create and maintain the system for the ultimate in reliability.