Food production air conditioning.

It's impossible to see the quality of air, but when it comes to food production the right design is critical to help create a safe and controlled environment for food manufacturing.

We specialise in the design and build of complex systems that balance all the elements, creating the perfect environment for food production. ACG provides food manufacturing plants and factories with effectively design, and a range of smart control systems that help alert you to changing conditions before it affects food quality.

In food manufacturing, it's critical that things are done to a certain level. We know the required standards and make sure our air conditioning solutions meet them exactly, for optimum food production conditions in food manufacturing plants and factories.

Our specialist knowledge and track record in the industry allows us to find surprising ways to deliver; that could mean greater energy savings, easier maintenance, more flexible spaces and lower operating costs.

It's quality air you can taste.


Complex design specialists

When it comes to food production air quality the standards we need to meet are naturally high and the systems complex. Our design balances all conditions to create the perfect environment.


Technical excellence 

We not only know the building regulations and standards back to front, we also custom engineer your control system to maintain exact conditions.


Collaborative approach

We understand that our job is to make sure your job goes smoothly. We work seamlessly with other trades so that the whole project delivers on time and on budget.

Ultimate reliability

We design systems that are lower in running costs and easier to service. Plus, each customer gets a specialist engineer to create and maintain the system for the ultimate in reliability.


Commercial air conditioning features

  • Fully automated systems

  • Highly energy efficient
  • Increased accuracy of design specifications
  • Reduced capital costs and smaller carbon footprint