Atura Hotel Dandenong

The client relationship is more than just financial

The Atura Hotel contract was tentatively awarded to AC Goulding in 2014 with the brief of resolving an ongoing issue with the Mitsubishi VRF Multi Head Units. It came with a subtle warning from the Maintenance Manager: “I have an excellent B-S detector, so don’t try and pull the wool over my eyes! And by the way if you can resolve this issue then the contract is yours.” This added some spice to the challenge, and the team totally understood the reason for it. Too often in this industry misdirection is used to disguise a lack of knowledge.

We knew this would be a big challenge, as it had been plaguing several of the busiest rooms in the hotel and a number of contractors had already tried and failed to resolve it.  And so it was a long day that turned into a late evening of diagnosis for our leading technician, but drawing upon the knowledge base that exists within our team; we had mechanical engineers assisting with calculating refrigerant charges over extended pipe distances, electrical engineers diagnosing controls and we had a wise old Fridgey tipping in their tips and tricks. We were able to find each of the issues and repaired the units producing a level of efficiency that the manager had not seen in all of her time at the site. 

Resolving this issue would demonstrate the power of the resources we have at our disposal; “You’re not expected to know everything, but you are expected to know how to find the answer”.

It’s a simple and honest philosophy that we combine with clear and transparent communication so that the client feels comfortable with the diagnosis and knows the next steps to resolve it at a fair price.

The client signed on and we have continued a happy relationship ever since, in fact when the manager left for another site, it wasn’t long before the phone was ringing and we are now servicing at the new site as well. 

It’s quality air. Delivered. 

Matthew Turner